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* Outside Bozeman, Southwest Montana's Outdoor Journal - Summer 2008 Editon
When You Wish Upon A Wolf, pg. 63

* Outside Bozeman, Southwest Montana's Outdoor Journal - Summer 2006 Edition
Summer Walkabout, pgs. 90-92
* USA Today, The Nation's Newspaper - weekend edition, Friday, January 16, 2010
Picture: Druid Peak wolf pack walking through snows in Lamar Valley, pg.4D (Life
Section D, under Travel).

Distinctly Montana - Winter 2009-2010 Issue.
Picture: Nine images of grizzly bears, pages 36 - 41, accompanying the article titled,
A Lucky Grizzly Encounter, by Joe Gulkoski.
Picture: MacNeil Lyons Images advertisement, pg. 23.

Montana Outdoors Magazine - 28th Annual Photo Issue - January/February 2009.
Picture: Lightning over a mountain meadow waterfall, pg. 2.

Rolling Stone - August 21, 2008 edition (issue #1059)
Picture: gray wolf, p.48 - used with other images on a Threat Assessment Scale. The
magazine did not correctly credit MacNeil Lyons for the image use - the images is
credited to NPS (National Park Service).  Click here to see printed copy.

Outside Bozeman, Southwest Montana's Outdoor Journal - Summer 2008 Edition
Picture(s): Gardiner, Mont. in spring, p. 88; Gray wolf in snow, p. 63

Montana Outdoors Magazine - May/June 2008 Issue
Picture: 'Colorful Cutthroats' (Cutthroat trout), p. 28

Big Sky Journal - Spring 2008 Edition
Picture: Fairyslipper (Calypso bulbosa), wild orchid, p.119

Outside Bozeman, Southwest Montana's Outdoor Journal - Fall 2007 Edition
Picture: Raptor Profile, p. 56-57

Outside Bozeman, Southwest Montana's Outdoor Journal - Spring 2007 Edition
Picture(s): Bison sent to slaughter, p.27; Bison crusted in ice, p.28; bison calf p.29;
bull bison, p.33

Big Sky Journal - Fall 2006 Edition
Picture: Bear Tracks in Mud, p. 137

Outside Bozeman, Southwest Montana's Outdoor Journal - Summer 2006 Edition
Picture: Pasque Flower in bloom, p. 90

* Yellowstone Association Institute Course Catalogs - varies years from 2006 to present
Pictures: multiple images in summer & winter course catalogs

* Yellowstone Association Institute - Summer 2006 Lodging & Learning Brochure
Picture: mother and daughter painting at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
* The Washington Post - the on-line version, used my image of  a wild Yellowstone gray
wolf for an article by Christopher Schoppa reviewing three environmentally-related books.
- This image has been picked up by the Associated Press (AP) and used in many on-line  
  newspapers, from
Rexburg Journal in Idaho, to the Casper Tribune in Wyoming.

* USA Today, The Nation's Newspaper - Article by Jayne Clark.  Video segments and
write up regarding a winter program led by Naturalist/Guide MacNeil Lyons.

* National Park Service - Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center - Climate Page
Pictures: smoke plume from wildfire; paisley sunrise image; snow covered trees

* National Park Service - Windows Into Wonderland (On-Line Educational Field Trips)
Picture: Yellowstone-backcountry Hot Springs, Hot Colors, p. 3

* National Park Service - Yellowstone InDepth (Official Web Features of Y.N.P.)
Picture: Grizzly Bear in morning light

* National Park Service - This Month In Yellowstone (Official NPS website)
Picture: Mountain goats on Mount Sepulcher, Yellowstone National Park
Picture: Grizzly bear sow with cubs, Swan Lake Flats, YNP
Picture: Wolf 21M and other wolves of the Druid Peak wolf pack, YNP
Picture: Bighorn Sheep - all rams walking along Yellowstone River Canyon, YNP
Picture: Gray wolf chasing coyote away from a carcass - photo series
Picture: Grizzly bear - fresh out of the den, Lamar Valley, YNP

* Yellowstone Music Festival Website - Gardiner, Montana
Picture(s): multiple images of the musicians/volunteers and folks (2006)

* - Montana Rockies - Yellowstone Travel Information
Picture: Yellowstone Family Program, mother and daughter painting (photo credit #4)

* U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - MidWest Region - Media Webpage
Picture: two images of Yellowstone gray wolves (photo credit 3 & 4)
* Walking Shadow Ecology - Yellowstone-related website by Mike Tercek
Yellowstone Spectator Blog - check for submissions by MacNeil Lyons

* National Geographic Magazine - website (French version)
Letter to the Editor: School Lunches (submitted August 2006)

* Yellowstone Association Institute - On-line Field Sightings in Yellowstone Nat'l Park

* Yellowstone Park Net - educational on-line site for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Article: Bear Viewing: Where to Find Them

* Yellowstone Park Net - educational on-line site for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Article: Bear Safety
MacNeil Lyons - 'free-heel' (telemark) skiing with the goats
Beartooth Mountains, 11,000' - Montana, August 2006
Photo Credit: Lucyna Regulska-Lyons
Gallery Exhibitions
* Crazy Mountain Digital Photography
124 South 2nd Street, Livingston, Montana 59047
(406) 222-2355
Crazy Mountain Digital Photography website:
Click here for a link to MacNeil Lyons Images coverage of exhibition
* Bozeman Daily Chronicle Newspaper
Article about the Crazy Mountain Digital Photography Exhibition, January 16, 2008
Going To Extremes, by Michael Becker
* DVD - Complete Yellowstone (copyright 2009). Finley-Holiday Film Corp., Box 619, Whittier, CA
most popular selling video in Yellowstone National Park has recently been recently updated
with new footage and bonus features on the 2009 release of the DVD.  MacNeil Lyons wrote the script
for the bonus videos, titled
Wolves In Yellowstone, Winter Wonderland as well as the Learning Vacations.
MacNeil Lyons is also featured in the
Winter Wonderland segment as the Naturalist/Guide for the
Yellowstone Association Institute.

DVD - Winter In Yellowstone (copyright 2009). Finley-Holiday Film Corp., Box 619, Whittier, CA
The script for another bonus video for the updated version, titled
Winter Wonderland was written by
MacNeil Lyons.  He is highlighted throughout the 7-minute segment as the Yellowstone Association
Institute naturalist-guide.  This movie can be purchased through the Yellowstone Association Institute
bookstores, or purchased On-line by visiting their website, The two videos
can be also be seen on YouTube, check the links below!

You Tube Video Segements - Finley-Holiday Film Corp. has added a few webcasts to promote
winter programs offered through the Yellowstone Association. MacNeil was the instructor filmed
during the 6-day Lodging & Learning Program titled,
Winter In Wonderland. These clips were filmed
during the week of February 2-7, 2009.
See below for link to the You Tube Segments, as well as the Yellowtone Association Institute.
- Yellowstone Association Institute Classes ~
- Winter In Wonderland - Finley Holiday Films (8:29 min) ~
- Snowshoe Hike In Yellowstone clip (6:55 min) ~
- The Wolves clip (4:23 min) ~
- Winter Wonderland Blooper Reel (3:40 min) ~
- Lone Star Geyser / Cross-Country Ski (5:54 min) ~

* DVD - Yellowstone Aflame, the Yellowstone fires of 1988 - 20th Anniversary Collectors
(copyright 2008).  Finley-Holiday Film Corp., Box 619, Whittier, CA 90608
- Bonus Videos - * Yellowstone Fires: 20 Years Later   * Fire Effects Quiz  -- MacNeil Lyons is the
"Yellowstone Naturalist"  in the 7-minute long bonus video, illustrating the effects of the intense
summer of 1988 fires, 20 years later.  MacNeil is the host on the Fire Effects Quiz, explaining the
correct answers to the quiz questions.  At the end of the quiz, there is a "blooper reel" of entertaining
out-takes to watch, but can only be seen once you have answered the 10 question quiz.
This movie can be purchased through the Yellowstone Association Institute bookstores, or purchase
On-line by visiting

* DVD - Yellowstone - Teton Wildlife, A Four-Season Journey of Discovery, (copyright 2004).
- Bonus video - * Expedition: Yellowstone!  
-- MacNeil Lyons is one of the National Park Service Rangers
represented as a guide to elementary & middle school classes that take part in a residential
environmental education program inside Yellowstone National Park. For more information on this
educational program, visit the National Park Service website here:
This movie can be purchased through the Yellowstone Association Institute bookstores, or purchase
On-line by visiting,

* National Park Service Movie - Yellowstone Today  - A short 12-minute video shown in Visitor
Education Centers throughout Yellowstone National Park.  Filmed by The Discovery Channel during
the summer of 2001.

* Television - Top 10 National Parks for Wildlife - The Discovery Channel.  A 1-hour special
highlighting the best National Parks for wildlife viewing.  MacNeil Lyons is the National Park Service
Ranger educating visitors about bear safety. This was filmed in 2001 and aired for the first time in
2002.  It is still showing today on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel - so keep a look out
in your TV guide for the next showing!